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Wildflowers - 180 x 120 cm (XL) or 135 x 90 cm (L)

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wandkleed XL - 180 cm x 120 cm
wandkleed L - 135 cm x 90 cm

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Our wall cloths are not too heavy and yet quite large and therefore have a lot of impact on the space in which they hang. With these wall cloths you have many decorating options.

Easy: Hang them with the supplied jute cord on a screw in the wall.

Or use the two supplied black screw L-hooks. Measure the distance between the holes in the stick, make two corresponding holes in the wall, screw in the L-hooks and place the stick withe the holes over the two L-hooks.

But of course there are more possibilities. For example, hang the wall cloth 2 or 3 inch from the wall with nylon thread. 


Material: Sustainably and environmentally consciously printed on fabric with a fine linen structure (linen look). The supplied pole is made of solid and strong wood (ash wood).

Weight: less than 1.5 kg.
Color: multi


Wall cloth is available in the sizes L and XL.
The supplied wooden pole is wider and protrudes around 8 cm on both sides.