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Balistoides conspicillum - Clown triggerfish

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wandkleed XL - 175 cm x 135 cm
wandkleed L - 135 cm x 100 cm

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Upgrade your room!
Give your living room extra élan with this beautiful wall-filling tapestry. Your (living) room will get a completely different look in no time with these beautiful natural history images. And also good to know: because of the heavy cotton, our wall cloths have a positive effect on the acoustics of the room in which they hang.

Easy to hang
Hang it on a screw in the wall with the included jute cord. Or use the two supplied black screw thumbs. Just measure, screw in the right place in the wall with a plug and slide the holes in the stick over the two screw thumbs. But of course more is possible. For example, hang the tapestry about 5 centimeters from the wall on the ceiling with nylon fishing line.

Tapestry: 100% heavy, sturdy cotton.
Rods: ash sticks with a subtle grain.
Hanging equipment: burlap cord and two black hanging hooks.
The supplied top rod is wider than the tapestry and protrudes about 8 cm on both sides. With horizontal wall cloths in XL format, the top rod is supplied in two parts for extra reinforcement: the rod then hangs nicely straight and taut. You can easily slide these parts together.

The tapestry is available in two sizes: L and XL. But is your size not listed?
Send us an e-mail and we will arrange it for you.

First assess the fabric and the print? Order a fabric sample.

From € 140,00