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Lead times

When will my order be delivered?
All our products are produced 'on demand', which means we don't keep stock. Production will take between 5 and 12 working days. Delivery will take 2 to 5 days depending on where you live.
The delivery time is 5 to 12 business days. Is a faster delivery possible?
All our products are made 'on demand'.
This means that we don't keep stock and prepare every product to order.
All our products are made in the Netherlands.
This means that we deliver your order as quickly as possible, but that you have to take into account 5 to 12 working days delivery.


Can I order directly through the website?
Yes, of course. We produce, assemble your order and will send it to your home address.
Do you send the order to my home address?
We deliver your order at the address as given in the order form.
Do I get wallpaper glue with my order?
Everyone has their own preference. You can buy glue ready-made or as a powder. Wallpaper adhesive for non-woven wallpaper can be purchased at all DIY stores, a popular brand is Perfax Roll On.

Durability and maintenance of our wallpaper

No questions available

Exchanges & Returns

Can an ordered product be returned?
Not satisfied with your product?

You can return your order within 30 days of receipt.

Include your order number on or in the shipment.


Our return address:
Unlimited Originals Retouren
Prins Bernhardstraat 4
2841 TH Moordrecht
The Netherlands


Orders for 'wallpaper on roll' can only be returned unpacked.
Orders of 'custom wallpaper' can not always be returned.
If the product does not meet the standard expectations regarding dimensions and print quality, please contact us.

I have received your order but the product is not in order (or damaged) ...
Despite the sturdy packaging, something may go wrong during transport.
In the event of a damaged order or production errors, your order will be returned at our expense.
Wallpaper: check the order well before you put the wallpaper on the wall, so you can be sure that there are no errors in the wallpaper. Note: as soon as you have cut off the wallpaper, any form of guarantee will lapse.

Payment methods and costs

Can I pay with a credit card?
We accept payments from the standard credit cards such as: Mastercard, Maestro and Visa.
Do I pay any costs for transport?
We ship orders free of charge from € 160,- within the Netherlands.

For orders within Europe and to countries outside Europe, transport costs are added to the order costs.