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How to hang wallpaper?

This is what you need:

Wallpaper glue for nonwoven wallpaper eg Perfax roll-on (pink packet);
A block brush or wallpaper roller;
Seam Roller;
Wallpaper Ruler;
Utility knife;
Long spirit level or plumb bob;
Soft cloth or soft sponge;
Wallpapering tool or brush.


Hang the wallpaper without overlap, seamless, from left to right.



Make sure the wall is dry, white, smooth and free of dust.

Remove any bumps and fill holes.
Remove the front parts of outlets and light switches.
Switch off the appropriate electricity groups.
If in doubt check the smoothness of the wall surface using oblique light.


Unwrap the wallpaper gently and check it carefully!

If unfortunately something is wrong with the wallpaper (damage, stripes) it may still be exchanged now.
Once the wallpaper is cut and / or mounted on the wall, the warranty expires.
Cut the required sizes of wallpaper in advance.

Add a few extra centimetres.

(Custom sized wallpaper / murals have marked sections).
Using a pencil, draw a perfectly vertical thin line on the wall.

Draw this line approximately 45-46 centimetres from the left. The line is positioned where the first en the second part of the wallpaper will meet.
Use a plumb or a sound long spirit level.


Hanging your wallpaper:

Step 1

Apply the glue with evenly on the wall. 

Starting from the left cover approximately 60 centimetres of wall.

Don not miss any spot. This may cause the wallpaper to bubble.


Step 2

Apply the wallpaper directly on the wall.
The parts of walpaper should be glued seamless. Not overlapping.
Use a soft cloth or wallpapering tool to smooth the wallpaper. For pressing the seams you can use a seam roller.

Gently and evenly press wallpaper parts together to ensure there are no visible seams.

Try not to get paste on the front of the wallpaper. Any excess glue should be removed immediately using a wet wallpaper sponge or cloth.


Step 3

When finished hanging the wallpaper cut off excess wallpaper all around. This is best done with a wallpaper ruler and a knife. Do not do this when the glue is really wet.