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Palm ferns

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Palm ferns are found in a large part of the tropics and subtropics throughout the world. The first palm ferns appeared about 250 million years ago. The plant group had its peak in the Trias geological periods: 225 to 190 million years ago, and Jura: 190 to 136 million years ago.


Easy to apply non-woven wallpaper

This non-woven wallpaper can be applied to virtually any smooth, flat wall. Apply the glue on the wall using a roller or big brush and then hang the wallpaper. The wallpaper does not shrink and can be removed easily.


Material: Non-woven wallpaper

Grammage: 160 grs./m2

Colour: Black and white
Calculation example: 389,6 cm wide x 260 cm high (8 lengths) € 389,99

€ 38,50 / m2